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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? We've got answers!

What is jammr?

jammr is an online service that lets you play music with people around the world. To find out how it works, visit the How it works page.

Why should I upgrade to Premium?

Premium has some awesome features that are not available to free users. Please see the pricing page to learn more.

What is jamming?

During a jam, musicians play without predefined arrangements, they simply improvise. It’s like free style cooking, but instead of having a meal at the end, you will have created amazing sound waves. In both cases you want to create something great.

Who can use jammr?

Any musician. Whether you are a guitarist, trumpeter or harpist, as long as you have a computer, some type of sound recording device and an internet connection you will be able to use jammr.

What level of skill do I need to jam?

Beginners, intermediate, and expert-level players alike can all jam. The basic skills to participate in a jam session are:

  1. Be able to stick to a beat
  2. Know basic chords or scales
  3. Listen to others and try to add something yourself

What will I need to start jamming?

An instrument or microphone, a computer, and an internet connection. Simple!

How do I connect my instrument to my computer to jam?

If you have ever recorded music with your computer, you probably already have the right setup to use jammr. In case you haven't here are some options:

Microphone and soundcard: if you are playing an accoustic instrument you need a microphone. Set up the microphone so it captures the sound of your playing and connect it to your computer's sound card. High-quality sound cards are available as USB or Firewire devices but you can try your computer's microphone jack to get started.

Instrument or effects pedal with USB: some instruments and many multi-effects pedals have a USB port that lets you connect to a computer. Popular pedals such as the Line6 POD HD or BOSS GT-100 make it easy to connect without buying a separate sound card.

Guitar-USB cable: Lindy's USB guitar cable or Alesis GuitarLink guitar link let you connect a guitar or bass to a computer. Simply plug one end of the cable into your instrument, the other into the USB port. Voila, you’re done.

How does jammr work?

jammr sends your audio to other users and receives their audio. In order to avoid lag, jammr is "live" but not "real-time". This means other players hear you after a fixed amount of time. This fixed amount is called the interval and can be set to fit the chord progression you are jamming to. This allows you to jam synchronised with people from all over the world.

Why is jammr not real time?

At the speed of light it takes 67 milliseconds to go half-way across the world. This means jamming with someone halfway across the world would be noticably laggy. Therefore, to ensure that you can jam with people from all over the world without delay we use intervals.

How many musicians can jam together in one session?

The limit is set to 10 jammers per jam session, this should cater to most small orchestras. If you are talking rock however, from experience, we advise not to have more than 8 people in a jam, as this gets very messy otherwise.

View this simple equation:

3 guitars (solo + rhythm + shredder) + 2 basses (bass + why would you need a second) + drums + keyboard + saxophone + triangle + chello = guaranteed earache

Guys jammr is great, but I got this killer feature which you are currently missing. How do I get in touch?

Great! Hop onto the forum and post in the wishlist section. We'll respond to you and hope to include the suggestion in a future jammr release.

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